Michael Blake
Academy Award Winner
Best-selling Author
Dances With Wolves

Like A Running Dog, Vol. 1: Los Angeles, 1970 -1972

Fall of 1970. A thousand-year-cold snap has descended on the Southwest as 24-years-old Michael Blake, in the midst of his senior years at the University of New Mexico, decides to drop out and move to Los Angeles.
Accompanied by his dog Kelly and with a phone number for a New Mexico rock band living in L.A., Blake begins his climb to fame. The climb, however, is steep and Blake soon learns that whatever progress he is making is being chipped away by the tedium of everyday survival, unbearable living situations, and rejections.
Still, Blake manages to get his foot in at the Los Angeles Free Press and to write his first screenplay.
Like A Running Dog is written in the poetic and unpretentious style for which Michael Blake has become known and loved. The autobiography is replete with humorous and melodramatic situations shared by most of his contemporary artistic peers. It recounts an underground scene fueled by ideological beliefs, strong desires to change the world and, on occasion, ego clashes and personal vendettas.
A must-read for anybody whose sense of curiosity is intact.

First Hard Cover edition, Hrymfaxe 2002
107 pages

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