Michael Blake
Academy Award Winner
Best-selling Author
Dances With Wolves

My success began long ago when I began to read books.
Dreams come out of books and the dream that came to me was ... to do something for the benefit of as many people as I could.
The miracle of Dances With Wolves ... is that it proves this kind of dream can come true.
Hold onto fine dreams.
Don't let anyone take them away.
Don't give up.

Acceptance speech delivered by Michael Blake at Shrine Auditorium, Los Angeles, California, March 25, 1991.


     "My achievements in writing have 
     given me rare opportunities to speak
     out on topics which touch on the
     debates of this time and times past.

     I have addresses audiences of all
     ages, colors, political and religious
     orientation. And I have ceaselessly
     urged that citizens become more
     involved in the life of their country
     because I believe this process of
     engagement leads to greater enrich-

     In the many years of struggle to 
     make my living as a writer, I kept
     reminding myself that professional
     success would be empty without 
     success as a person. 

     It is a goal I have pursued for a long
     time and speaking out has moved
     me closer to it.

     Though the selection of speeches on
     this page were all written years ago,
     and meant to be spoken at that time, 
     I hope that making them available    
     here will inspire the readers to take 
     action on their own."

     Michael Blake, 2012

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"We don't have to turn the clock back, but we can save a few things." - Michael Blake