Michael Blake
Academy Award Winner
Best-selling Author
Dances With Wolves

I'm alive
what a big surprise
it's a miracle 
that any survive

pipe bombs under cars
the portents of stars
the damnable breeding
the lack of weeding
nuclear leaks
techno tweaks
the rush of rush hour
the worm in the flour

talk radio talk
the screech of chalk
the promise of wealth 
the failure of health
close shaves
the torture of you
the family barbeque

I'm alive
what a big surprise
it's a miracle 
that any survive

Written in 2002, the poem was dedicated to Michael's main two doctors, Thomas Miller and Timothy Marshall, for their roles in saving his life.

In 2003, Michel and an old friend of his, Tony Gilkyson, one of the greatest musicians alive, decided to collaborate on a spoken words record. I'm Alive is one of the tracks from the CD. 

Also by Gilyson and Blake; End Of The Century.


Good evening Los Angeles.
I am coming to you from Arizona. I want to thank my friends at KGUN television in Tucson for helping me out with what for me is an important taping.
I also want to thank Susan Nessim for taking initial interest in my case ... and Paul Bennett who workes so well with my staff in making this appearance possible.
I am proud to receive the Victory Award from Cancervive. My cancer has taught me that victories like this are rare. It has taught me that victory is a thing for everyone, that every moment of our lives presents an opportunity for victory.
My hairdo may have prompted you to think, "is he having problems?" To tell the truth I am enjoying this hairdo but you are right. Since the time Cancervive told me I would be honored my Hodgkin's Disease has returned. I have just this afternoon had chemotherapy. I will have chemotherapy for several more months.
While this is happening I am going to keep my head uncovered because I want people to know that I am not ashamed to have cancer. Nor am I afraid of how others may view me now. I am going through the same ordeal that thousands upon thousands of others worldwide are going through. I am taking the cure.
We are not dead and we are not dying. We are fighting. We are taking cures.
I will keep my head uncovered in acknowledgment of the bravery and courage of cancer patients everywhere. None of us come through the doors of the clinic for the first time bursting with bravery and courage. Bravery and courage are qualities that each of us acquire and maintain as we go along.
I will leave my head uncovered as a public reminder that victims of cancer routinely confront the mortality that shadows everyone on Earth. And acknowledging death gives cancer patients unique insight on the beautiful process of life.
I will leave my naked head naked in hope that the public will become more understanding of those who are fighting for their lives with all the might they can muster. To be shunned or discriminated against is grossly unjust. People who are making such tremendous effort deserve love. And they deserve the highest respect.
I am grateful to Cancervive for the Victory Award. It lifts my spirits.
Good night and may love be with you.

Videotaped acceptance speech presented in Los Angeles, California,
November 14, 1992.
To help in the fight against cancer:

American Cancer Society
St. Jude Children's Research Hospital