Michael Blake
Academy Award Winner
Best-selling Author
Dances With Wolves


Eleven years have passed since Lieutenant John Dunbar became the Comanche warrior Dances With Wolves and married Stands With A Fist, a white-born woman raised as a Comanche from early childhood.
With their three children, they live peacefully in the village of Ten Bears. But there is unease in the air, caused by increased reports of violent confrontations with white soldiers, who want to drive the Comanche onto reservations.
Disquiet turns to horror, and then to rage, when a band of white rangers descends on Ten Bear's village, slaughtering half its inhabitants and abducting Stands With A Fist and her infant daughter. The three surviving great warriors - Wind In His Hair, Kicking Bird, and Dances With Wolves - decide they must go to war with the white invaders. At the same time, Dances With Wolves realizes that only he can rescue his wife and child.
Told with the same sweep, insight, and majesty that have made Dances With Wolves a worldwide phenomenon, The Holy Road is an epic story of courage and honor.

Second Hard Cover Edition
366 pages, Hrymfaxe 2002

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"Epic, tragic... Inhuman agony, brilliantly portrayed."
--Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

"The mn wites like a poet."
--Baltimore Sun, 2001

"I can't stress this stongly enough; Ride The Holy Road with Michael Blake and his wonderful characters..."
--Moriaity, Ain't It Cool News, 2001

"There is no question that Michael Blake is a superior literary talent... I did not read the story; I lived it."
--Charlene Austin, Writers and Readers Network.

"The Holy Road is a good, poignant read, telling an important story from the perspective of those who were in no position to tell their own story. It is a book of extra-ordinary insight and sympathy."
--Curtis D. Edmonds, Bookreporter, 2011.